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What to Learn From Amazon’s Customer Service November 8, 2019

Amazon is the most loved brand by American consumers, according to a Morning Consult report. Although Amazon uses some brute force to dominate the market, they work hard at appealing to customers too. And you can routinely find Amazon at the top of the heap in the UK also. Since customer service week just happened […]

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4 Almost Unbelievable Customer Service Stories to Inspire You November 4, 2019

Customer service can be hard. Listening to unhappy, and sometimes unreasonable, customers for 8-9 hours a day takes patience. But, no matter how difficult the situation, you can always turn it into a huge win for both your company and the customer. Here’s some fascinating (and 100% true) customer service stories to inspire your own […]

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5 Embarrassing Retail Shopping Bag Mistakes to Never Make October 31, 2019

Your shopping bag says more about your company than you realize. It can be a huge missed opportunity if no one has taken the time to create a bag that aligns with your company’s strategic goals. Here’s some mistakes you can make, and why they’re important: 1. Minimizing The Importance of Your Bag This is […]

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