Tennant/Nobles Speed Scrub


The Tennant/Nobles Speed Scrubs are durable, reliable, and easy to use. The 28″ disk scrub deck is large enough to accommodate warehouse facilities and perform aisle cleaning, but not so cumbersome that it can’t be used in a hospital or other more public facility. The low noise level is great for any location where sound is a concern, and the onboard charger ensures that you can recharge your machine anywhere there is an appropriate outlet.


  • 28″ disk scrub head
  • 22.5-gallon solution tank
  • Quick-TrainTM controls, on-board charger
  • (4) 6V / 235 Ah battery package
  • Less than 68 dBA noise levels
  • Parking brake
  • Cast aluminum scrub deck and squeegee frame
  • Self-adjusting head skirt
  • Height-adjustable control console
  • 100% recovery in 180-degree point turns