Karcher BD 50/50 Auto Scrubber


The NEW battery-powered 20″ walk-behind scrubber drier is a perfect fit for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning needs. The easy to operate scrubber provides practical cleaning performance of 13,200 ft2/hour.


  • (2) 12V, 105 Ah batteries with shelf charger
  • 20″ disc brush
  • Curved squeegee
  • Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display
  • 3 modes of cleaning: Normal mode – Scrubbing and vacuuming. Intense mode – Scrubbing only. Vacuum mode – Vacuum only
  • Home Base rail allows user to attach manual cleaning tools for quick touch ups and less visits to the supply closet
  • Productive. Efficient and simple to operate.


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