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What Rocks about This Addition To Pollock’s President’s Club Strategic Supplier Partners September 18, 2018

You may not know this company’s name. But you absolutely, guaranteed, no-doubt-about-it know the product they invented: Stretch wrap. Yes. Lantech invented stretch wrap in 1972 at the peak of our nation’s energy crisis. And since then, stretch wrap has served as the standard for unitizing pallets. Lantech’s changed a little since then (sarcasm intended). […]

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What Successful B2B Retailers Do Online in 2018 September 14, 2018

Up to this point, we’ve mostly covered B2C retail. So it’s only fitting we give the B2B folks a fair shake too. And besides, some of the lessons you learn will translate over to B2C also, if you serve that niche. So take a look at what some leading B2B ecommerce retailers do to keep […]

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How Macy’s is Surviving the Retail Apocalypse September 12, 2018

You’ve heard all the nightmare stories about various retailers closing dozens of stores – or even going out of business entirely. …But what do some of the bigger names do that keep them in business, even with Amazon approaching $1 trillion in value? Macy’s is going exactly the opposite way many retailers are heading. They […]

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