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We’re problem solvers who source, supply and solve the biggest challenges for the people managing the places, maintaining the spaces and shipping the things that make business work. From keeping the workplace clean to stocking business essentials to custom packaging design to shipping products, we’ll roll up our sleeves, learn your needs and put our supply chains, relationships, experience and expertise to work for you. You can count on it.

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How to Prevent the Cold and Flu in Your Workplace June 15, 2019

The more employees you have, the greater likelihood you have of the cold and flu. It happens. And it even happens when you feel like you have strong workplace policy in effect. So what’s the trick? Here’s our take: 1. Handwashing The number one thing your employees can do is wash their hands. By far. […]

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Why You Can’t Do Without ProTeam Vacuums June 12, 2019

Believe it or not, ProTeam was founded by Larry Shideler in a garage in 1983. It wasn’t a software company. Instead, Larry invented the first backpack vacuum. Back in that day, it revolutionized the cleaning industry. Worker productivity skyrocketed. With unique ideas like that, you know ProTeam’s going to be a go-to. Since then, ProTeam […]

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Why Pollock Packaging Rocks June 8, 2019

Alright. Alright. Before you get too skeptical and think that we’re just promoting ourselves because we can, learn more about Pollock Packaging. We really do an awesome job when it comes to your packaging design needs. After all, you can get an accurate prototype (at real size) within 24-36 hours of your request. But as […]

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