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How You Can Prep Yourself for Big 4th Quarter Success Starting Right Now August 10, 2018

Back-to-school shopping season has fallen upon us. For the next six weeks or so, you get to reap the rewards. As hectic as your store might already be, somehow you have to prep yourself for the holiday sales rush too. What should you think about? A few things: 1. Forecast Your Sales You should be […]

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Handi-Foil’s Award-Winning Products Make Them A Guaranteed Option August 8, 2018

In business, can you name one thing that’s guaranteed? Sure, you have a routine you go through every day. And sometimes, you can fall back on that and feel like your situation’s safe and secure. But really, if you have any kind of experience, you know nothing’s guaranteed. Change is the only constant. Well, Handi-Foil […]

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Pollock Paper sells the products you never think about August 6, 2018

Lonnie Pollock III has friends that are doctors, lawyers and real estate big-wigs. You know, the typical professions that play well at parties. So when he’s asked about what he does, people give him a funny look when he says, “I sell toilet paper.” They usually give a small double take. But after all, somebody […]

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