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4 Sales-Killing Customer Experience Mistakes Retailers Make April 21, 2019

Ever visited one of your own stores, and one of your competitor’s, completely undercover and experienced how things go for yourself? Have you done the same with websites too? You can’t get a full impression of your customer experience in just a single visit. But you can at least get an idea. And even if […]

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Meet the POS Thermal Printing Industry’s Leader: Cenveo April 15, 2019

How many companies do you know who produce one in three of all of a certain type of product used? For example, if you use a mop, do you know if a company produces one in three of all the mops used in America? Well, that’s the case for Cenveo, who produces one out of […]

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NRF Forecasts 3.8-4.4% Growth in 2019 Retail Sales April 8, 2019

Depending on what news source you pay attention to, you can get a different take on reality. So what’s truly going on? Who’s paying attention to the facts? And who’s using an emotional slant just to get you to read their story? Well, the National Retail Federation believes the economy’s going to be just fine […]

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