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How to Keep Your Store’s Bathroom Smelling Fresh All Year Long October 19, 2019

“Umm. There’s a problem in the bathroom.” That’s the last thing you want to hear from your customers or employees. If your customers discover it, that means it’s been around for quite some time. Many others have noticed it and formed their opinions about your business (right or wrong). And if your employees report the […]

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Product Spotlight: EMI Yoshi’s High-Quality Black Plastic Plates October 15, 2019

Ever had to host an important event and want to make it come off with a smash, but don’t have the budget you want to make it happen? That’s where EMI Yoshi comes in. And even though we’re highlighting their black rectangular plastic plates today, they design all their products to have the look of […]

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Product Spotlight: Placon Fresh’n’Clear GoCubes October 8, 2019

Need to keep your food looking delicious for customers so they buy, while also making sure the package stays absolutely securely sealed? Placon’s new GoCubes come to the rescue! Your customers still get all the expected convenience by being able to grab food and take it on-the-go, while also having a secure seal that keeps […]

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