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How to Manage the Lack of Customer Loyalty in 2018 November 17, 2018

It’s tough to keep customers coming back and purchasing from you. Today, they don’t have just three to five different choices…they have dozens or maybe even more than a hundred. If they have a perceived negative experience with you, they either go to another store or shop somewhere online. And this will only accelerate because […]

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Pollock Named to Zippia’s 20 Best Companies to Work for in Grand Prairie November 14, 2018

If you decide to move to Grand Prairie, or if you already live here, which companies would be at the top of your list to work for? Or, maybe the better question to ask would be: which companies should be at the top of your list to work for? Well, the career expertise website Zippia […]

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The Secrets Behind Zara’s Retail Success (Part 2) November 11, 2018

So what else does Zara do that gives them a nearly unbeatable position in the fashion industry? Well, besides their jaw-dropping supply chain, they avoid “penny-wise” and “pound-foolish” decision-making, notes Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business professor Kasra Ferdows in a Bloomberg article. They realize that if they don’t discount as frequently in some areas, they […]

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